Round, thick and juicy

alayah hardcore Round, thick and juicy

Aw yes, I think we’re getting somewhere now! Didn’t you say before that you’d want to see thick, round, and juicy asses? Then what do you think about this bitch, dawg?! Eh? He-he. You said you want think? I give you thick! C’mon now, anymore thicker than that and you’d also get cellulites to go with it. But if that’s how you want yours, then hey, suit yourself. As for me, I’m all good with this ho right here. ;~) You want it round? I give you round! I think that ass has the potential to give JLo a run for her money as far as bubbly booty is concerned.

Now check out that brother in there with her, bet your ass you wish that was you, eh? He-he. Kinda make you jealous o’ that lucky mutha, don’t it? Well, I feel you bro. Heck, all, if not most of the other guys who are probably reading this right now are also jealous. We all want to get a piece of that kind o’ ass.

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